what is kerb

Kerb is an Australian company formed by two individuals who are passionate about technology’s ability to solve real-world problems. Traffic congestion and the lack of available parking are just two of those problems.

Kerb Holdings Company Pty Ltd (ACN 611 119 683)

Kerb Holdings Company Pty Ltd (ABN 946 1111 9683)
formerly Kerb Technologies Pty Ltd

United Kingdom
Kerb Ltd (Company 11161617)

Kerb Technologies Ltd (Company BC1115208)

Rob Brown photo

Rob Brown

Co-Founder (Managing Director)

Matt Salmon photo

Matt Salmon

Co-Founder (Product and Technology)

Harriet Harvey photo

Harriet Harvey

Worldwide Marketing

Nick Gatehouse photo

Nick Gatehouse

Commerical Advisor

Ben Espina photo

Ben Espina

Customer Success

Taylor Keresztesi photo

Taylor Keresztesi

PR / Marketing

Abhideep Mallick photo

Abhideep Mallick

Software Engineer

Agung Bangsa photo

Agung Bangsa

Software Engineer

Akbar Negara photo

Akbar Negara

Software Engineer

Ashish Kapoor photo

Ashish Kapoor

Software Engineer

Hadi Akbar photo

Hadi Akbar

Software Engineer

Iskandar Soesman photo

Iskandar Soesman

Software Engineer

Wildan Zulkarnaen photo

Wildan Zulkarnaen

Designer / Software Engineer

Celyne Martizao photo

Celyne Martizao


Kevin Byrne photo

Kevin Byrne

Commercial Relationships Europe

Paul Bowler photo

Paul Bowler

Commercial Relationships Australia

Chris Oyugi photo

Chris Oyugi

Business Development East Africa

If you believe in the global opportunity that Kerb represents, and are someone who understands the value proposition and economics of a 'platform-play' like Kerb, we want to hear from you  here.