what is kerb

what is kerb

Profound changes are taking place in the areas of urban mobility and personal transportation. Across the Developed and Developing World, the notion of ‘owning a car’ is being challenged – particularly among the Millennial generation.

New mobility solutions – such as car sharing, electric vehicles and autonomous cars – are on their way, some more rapidly than others. In the meantime, traditional cars and trucks are becoming more ‘connected’ with smart apps and sensors that provide a wealth of data and personalisation opportunities. But whether new or traditional, all of these vehicles face the same reality. They all need to park somewhere. 

Kerb is a global-from-day-one parking platform localised for 600 cities worldwide, in 20 languages. Kerb was founded in Australia in 2016, and is rapidly rolling out across the world, aiming to become the most recognised parking app globally.

At Kerb, we believe there is enough parking space in even the world’s busiest cities - it just hasn’t been tapped into. Kerb unlocks under-utilised parking spaces at homes, businesses, churches, schools, hotels, venues, commercial buildings and shopping centres, just to name a few.

about Kerb
why Kerb
Why should you KERBit?

Kerb works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve the operation of their parking or mooring facilities, resulting in a better customer experience, increased revenue and actionable data.

all vehicles
Kerb works with all vehicles

Kerb offers parking for cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats, shipping containers, trucks and even helicopters. It has customised its platform for the parking requirements of different vehicle-types. For example, Kerb collects vehicle registration and insurance documentation, if required upon booking.

cities Kerb
Kerb is getting ready for the cities of tomorrow

Kerb is already working with EV charging companies, car sharing companies and vehicle manufactures to provide a connected solution to the “last-mile” problem. By using Kerb, you will be partnering with a company which is at the forefront of the mobility revolution.

Kerb risk free
Kerb is risk-free

There are no setup fees to use Kerb, and many organisations around the world use it as a free car park management tool (e.g., allocating staff, visitor or residential parking). If you are using Kerb to collect fees for parking, Kerb simply takes a small commission on transactions to cover its costs.

Kerb innovative
Kerb is innovative

The Kerb team is passionate in its belief that is a better way to do parking. The parking experience for customers can be a far more personalised, friction-free experience.

Kerb is global
Kerb is global

Kerb is already in 25 countries, and is rolling out quickly across the world. Parking is a global problem in cities right across the world. Kerb solves that problem for citizens and cities everywhere.

If you believe in the global opportunity that Kerb represents,  and are someone who understands the value proposition and economics of  a 'platform-play' like Kerb, we want to hear from you.

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