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Find cheap parking in your city. Make money from your parking space. Get started on Kerb today.

Kerb provides parking space owners around the world with an easy-to-use car park management platform. Why invest $/€/£000s on car park systems, when you can set up Kerb for free?

Too much traffic. Not enough time. So many drivers are looking for affordable parking in your city. If you have a private space that someone else could park their vehicle on, you can lease that space through Kerb today.

What is red and smells like blue paint? Come back tomorrow for the answer.

Your parking space(s), powered by Kerb

List between 1-to-1000+ parking spaces in under 5 minutes! You set the price and availability of your spaces, and Kerb automatically manages space allocation, bookings, payment, and access - saving you time and money.

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Lease parking space
Lease parking space

Start automating your car park and removing friction right now! The Kerb platform is fully self service and available immediately.

Lease parking space

Kerb offers complete car park and marina automation solutions, contact us now to chat more about your space.

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