10 Best (or Worst) Personalised Plates

10 Best (or Worst) Personalised Plates

Harriet Harvey11th September 2018

10. Nothing to hide, or hiding in plain sight?

9. Branding to the extreme here, but it’s one way to get people to remember to call you when they need a locksmith.

8. No, really? That’s a car?

7. Who doesn’t love a good "Back to the Future" reference?

6. Just tooting your own horn a little bit, Dr Awesome.

5. The number plate possibilities are endless now thanks to text slang and abbreviations.

4. So, when the cops catch you speeding, they automatically know your excuse.

3. We’ve found the road runner of cars. Look out for boulders overhead and sharp corners on cliff bends.

2. We bet the person that drives this car is a dad and tortures their kids with endless dad jokes and puns like this.

1. Black van, tinted windows = “KID TAXI”. We’d be thinking twice about letting any kids in that car.  

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