10 Parking Fails that are so BAD they're GOOD

10 Parking Fails that are so BAD they're GOOD

Harriet Harvey25th September 2018

There are many factors that can make a car park bad. Here is some of the best of worst we’ve found that were caught on camera.

1. We’re not even sure how this one happened. Were they just not paying attention?

2. This one’s kinda sweet. This elderly couple forgot where they’d parked their car for 5 days!

3. Though probably everyone has seen it, this is still one of the most notable accounts of bad parking ever.

4. Is it possible it’s the same woman in this video too? Not sure how she couldn’t get into this huge park.

5. Honestly, it’s sort of talented that you managed to park such a small car so poorly.

6. This one’s just being an a**hole. Imagine the damage to both those other cars!

7. Getting creative!

8. Another well-known classic, though this time it’s reverse parking, not parallel.

9. Not sure how you managed this one, but we’re impressed.

10. Yeah, good. Just because it doesn’t say “No Parking” doesn’t mean you can park there.

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