15 of the Most Hilarious Boat Names

15 of the Most Hilarious Boat Names

15 of the Most Hilarious Boat Names

Harriet H.14th January 2019

Finding the right boat name can be a time-consuming task unless you’re willing to have some fun with it. There are plenty of jokes to be made about the sea.

We have curated 15 of the Most Hilarious Boat Names. Enjoy!

1. Sand Witch

We like it! But hopefully they don’t spend too much time on the sand.

2. Ship Happens

It certainly does. 

3. Uh oh is right!

If you can read this boat name the right way, there is definitely something wrong.

4. She Got the House

Oh dear. On the bright side, they got the boat.

5. The Kerry, Katie, Bridget….

We suppose this is better than a tattoo!

6. Child Support

So that’s where the money goes!

7. Did Ya Bring a Beer Along?

Conditions of boarding we assume?

8. Pier Pressure


9. Yeah Buoy

Got to love a good pun!

10. B Yacht’ch

Possibly the best name for a yacht!

11. Salt Shaker

So clever! But that must be a shaky ride.

12. On the Rocks

You may know of many nice restaurants on the rocks, but it is surely no place for a boat to be!

13. Tax Sea-vation

While tax evasion is not something to laugh about, this boat name certainly is.

14. Don’t Panic

Placement is everything here. And we definitely will be panicking!

15. Pug Boat

And the cutest one last! I’d get on this boat anyday!

Well we hope you’ve had a good laugh!

Have you got a great boat name? Share it with us on Facebook at Kerb Moorings!

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