4 Fun Road Facts from Different Countries Across the Globe

4 Fun Road Facts from Different Countries Across the Globe

Harriet Harvey10th January 2019

1. Helpful Honking

Honking on the highway is usually a sign of road rage, but if you hear a beep or a shout when you're driving in New Jersey, the driver is probably just alerting you of their presence. You know, in case your eyes had glazed over during a long drive and you’d forgotten your surroundings. The law states that people have to give "audible warning" when passing another car going in the same direction.

2. Riding Recklessly

In Mexico, bicyclists must keep their feet firmly on the pedals, hands on the handlebars, and eyes forward or may face a fine for riding recklessly. It seems only logical in a busy city — yet there's no law requiring they wear helmets?

3. Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Well, Georgians will never know the answer thanks to this wacky law. Any person owning or controlling poultry cannot allow them on the streets or alleys of the city. They also can’t enter the premises of any other person, without their consent.

4. Diamonds are a Driver’s Best Friend

Ok, so not diamonds exactly, but the Swiss city of Berne use Swarovski crystals to line pedestrian crossings. The goal is to increase visibility, and ultimately road safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Hope it’s worth it, because the crystals cost ten times as much as conventional glass beads. 

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