A new way to fundraise. KERB!

A new way to fundraise. KERB!

Harriet Harvey15th October 2018

At Kerb we are passionate about making parking easier for all drivers around the world. BUT, we are also passionate about enabling EVERYONE to make money from the parking industry. In particular, the amazing community organisations that help make the world a better place.

If you have ever been involved in fundraising for your local church, sporting club or school, you'll know it can be hard to do. Kerb has recently launched a new self-service car park management platform which allows anyone to list an entire car park in minutes, creating a new revenue stream.

The platform is unlike anything in the market and here's why!

  1. Kerb is FREE to use and only charges a small commission on every transaction. However, for community organisations who list using the code K3RB1T by December 31, 2018, Kerb will donate 75% of its commission for the first 6 months.
  2. Kerb allows you to customise each bay. You might have 20 car parks, 3 for motorbikes, 2 for large vehicles and 15 for regular cars. You might even have a storage cage to lease.
  3. You can set your own price and specify if you want long or short-term bookings.
  4. Kerb collects registration details and insurance if you require it.
  5. Kerb even allows you to integrate your own terms and conditions into our app.
Since our launch in October 2016, we have had a number of community groups contact us about managing their car parks, as an alternative way to fundraise - Kerb Co-founder, Rob Brown.

Who can use Kerb and how?

  1. Schools. Your local school hosts at least 2 major events a year (school fair and graduation). If your school allocated 50 car parks to be booked in advance for $/£/€5, they could earn an extra $/£/€500. Schools in CBD locations can also lease their parking spaces out on the weekend, during the school holidays and even during the week.
  2. Churches. Already, churches in the CBD and near large construction sites lease their parking spaces out. Kerb simply streamlines this process meaning they don't have to collect money or allocate parking bays.
  3. Sporting Clubs. These car parks often sit empty or get parked in for free during the week. By listing 10 spaces in your sporting club's car park for just $/£/€2 a day, your club could be earning an extra $/£/€1,350 a week!

So many people need parking and we can guarantee the majority of commuters would rather pay for parking where the money is being put back into the community, rather than the pockets of corporate giants.

Head over to the Kerb website or download the app today to find out how easy and quick it is to use!

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