Car Park Etiquette. Super Simple Stuff.

Car Park Etiquette. Super Simple Stuff.

Car Park Etiquette. Super Simple Stuff.

Harriet H.15th July 2019

Parking your second most expensive asset in a shopping centre car park on a Saturday is an often, heated experience. For some reason, when you enter a car park, manners go out the window and everyone is out for themselves! But does it really need to be like this? Can’t we all just be a little more courteous?

Here are some super simple rules to keep your blood pressure down at your local shopping centre.

1. Park straight, it isn’t hard!

Don’t be that person who says, “That’ll do”. No, it won’t do! There are nicely painted straight lines there for a reason. They allow the car park to house a maximum number of cars. There is nothing that makes your blood boil more than someone who is parked across two spaces in an already busy parking lot.

2. Be patient and let the driver out of their spot.

Sitting on top of someone while they reverse out of their parking space is not going to get you in there any quicker. Make sure you have your indicator on and give them the space and time to reverse in one swift motion.

3. Road rules apply in shopping centres.

Drive in the direction of traffic, don’t speed, indicate and let people cross at the pedestrian crossings.

4. Put your shopping trolley back.

Nothing screws up car park traffic more than someone having to stop their car, jump out and move a trolley. Don’t be lazy, it is a few more steps on your Fitbit!

5. If it isn’t a parking spot, don’t park there!

Not only is your car at risk of being rear-ended or side-swiped, but it is really just a nuisance. Someone is always leaving a shopping centre. Be patient and wait for a car park, or book it in advance with KERB!

6. You can’t save a parking spot with anything except KERB!

The only way to save a parking spot is to book it in advance with KERB. Remember that a car is bigger than you and if you are standing in a spot, there is a good chance you might get squashed!

7. Make sure you have paid for your parking.

It is free to check if you have stayed longer than the allotted free parking period. Just enter your number plate registration at any kiosk. This will save you a whole lot of time and embarrassment at the exit gate.


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Remember, if you don’t want to battle with parking the next time you shop, book your very own private parking space with KERB. Download the app for iOS or Android, or visit

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