Connected Transport

Connected Transport

Taylor K.5th November 2019

We live in a connected world. Smart homes and smart phones that allow you to turn off lights and clothing irons with the touch of a button. Laptops, tablets and phones that allow us to talk to each other face to face no matter where we are in the world. But what about connected transport? 

It’s pretty clear that the Smart City and Smart Mobility movement is preparing for Electric Vehicles, Car Sharing and eventually Autonomous Vehicles. It’s going to change many things like how and if we drive, potentially the design of vehicles and how much it costs to own or use one. It will also influence other facets of transport such as buses and trains – potentially eradicating the need for public transport as we know it now. We know that these vehicles are going to have a dramatic change on modern transport, but has anybody thought about where they are going to be safely kept and charged? Nobody is going to pick up a share car from a charging depot. We call this ‘the last mile problem’. It exists today already across the developed and developing worlds, and parking is the main cause.

Cities are going to need a distributed network of parking spaces and EV charge points in order to overcome the ‘proximity issue’. In the smart cities of tomorrow, you’ll charge your car or a share car in a whole bunch of different places. And we believe Kerb will be a clear player in this world, providing a distributed network of parking spaces with chargers in homes, churches, shopping malls, commercial car parks and residential buildings. 

Kerb is an Australian-founded, global parking app that’s changing the way people park. It is a pioneering app that has been solving the parking problems of cities across the globe since its launch in October 2016. Kerb changes the conventional view about where people can park their cars, motorbikes, boats and even helicopters! Kerb’s technology unlocks empty spaces across the world’s busiest cities, helping individuals, businesses and governments save time and money. 

Think about the place you live. Every time you get into your car or onto your motorbike to go to work, you are freeing up a parking space that could potentially be used by someone else. And when you arrive at your destination, and start looking for parking, you could just as easily park in a private parking space belonging to an individual, a small business or store, or even a hotel or church.

Kerb can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play or accessed via the web. Kerb is live across 25 countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia and the Philippines, and is available in 20 languages.

Never before has an Australian technology company been able to provide a global solution to an everyday problem faced by billions of people worldwide. The opportunity with our technology is far and beyond Kerb. It is the opportunity to improve the lives of people living in the world’s busiest cities, to make parking more affordable and to improve congestion on our streets.

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