Ekka Earnings

Ekka Earnings

Ekka Earnings

Taylor K.2nd August 2019

With the Ekka coming up, there will undoubtedly be increased traffic in and around Brisbane, along with plenty of parked cars crowding the streets. People search frantically for somewhere to park when they go to the Ekka, desperate to find somewhere affordable and close by. 

Parking spaces in Bowen Hills, around the RNA Showgrounds, are exactly what drivers are looking for! Near enough to walk and off the street to reduce the chance of damage. Kerb allows you to list these parking spaces, be it a garage, lawn space or driveway, for drivers to rent and for you to make money from. Listing your space for $10-$15 a day would guarantee reservations and extra income you could spend at the Ekka yourself, pocket for savings, or put towards the flu mediation we will all undoubtedly need this August. 

Kerb is easy to use and you can list your space in under 5 minutes. You can download the Kerb app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit the Kerb website www.kerb.works. 

If you already have a space listed with us, and live near the RNA Showgrounds, don’t forget to regularly update the space details and turn on notifications for reminders about bookings. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Put a positive spin on flu season. List your parking space on Kerb and start earning today!

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