Going Gateless: Is It Right for Your Car Park?

Going Gateless: Is It Right for Your Car Park?

Going Gateless: Is It Right for Your Car Park?

Taylor K.8th April 2019

While it may not be suitable for every car park, going gateless can solve many parking problems - most commonly, the long line ups to enter and leave the parking lot.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily lose any control by going gateless. As long as you plan carefully, and implement the right online booking and payment system, or suitable hardware alternative, you should find that the customer experience improves, and you may even find that your car park revenue increases

License-plate recognition (LPR) cameras are one option for those wanting to remove their car park’s entry/exit gates. LPR has become a popular alternative to gates, because it speeds up the lines entering the car park. Using infrared cameras, LPR systems read and store vehicle licence plates and track the time spent in the parking lot. LPR systems allow you to integrate with API-enabled parking apps such as KERB, with pay-by-phone/plate systems, with enforcement software, and with smart parking data analytics platforms. 

Another option is to implement a Violation and Ticketing System (VATS), which is similar to the parking meters typically found on the streets in inner city areas. These systems can be used to park and pay via a smart phone, and require that the parker enters a licence plate number. Enforcement officers or car park managers can periodically check parked vehicles and can enforce payment or fines for anyone abusing the system.

An increasingly popular solution for car parks that operate on tight margins is to replace expensive gates with a human attendant, and to use an app-based booking-and-reservation system, such as KERB. The attendant deals with any space-allocation disputes, and drivers are greeted with a smile and a personal welcome. For the cost of a few tins of paint, car park owners can even implement a KERB ZoneTM in their car parks.  A KERB Zone™ enhances the look-and-feel of a car park, and can be used as a ‘premium parking’ option for which drivers pay a little bit more.

Ultimately, parking is generally perceived as being a negative experience. But it doesn’t need to be. Gates remove the human element, create friction (bottlenecks, tickets, cash/card payments), and project a strong message of distrust. At KERB, we passionately believe that the customer deserves a better parking experience, and that the future of parking is ticketless, cashless and gateless – regardless of where you park.

Contact Kerb today if you are considering alternatives the impersonal and cost-prohibitive gates that currently control access to your car park. We’d love to help! (JustAsk@Kerb.works)

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