New Year's Earnings

New Year's Earnings

Taylor K.19th December 2019

The New Year is encroaching, everyone is ready to celebrate and we just happen to know something that will sweeten the pot a little more.

For those who live in the city:

If you know you won’t be using your parking space over New Year's, why not list it on Kerb and make some extra cash? We all know how packed the clubs get for New Year’s Eve, and not all of those people will be drinking. So, help a Designated Driver out, by listing your space for them to rent and earn yourself some extra money. It could even pay for a few of your own celebratory drinks. And it’s not limited to the festive season! People will drink all through-out the year, they don’t need an excuse.

For those who live in suburbia:

There’s always one person on the block that’s hosting a New Year’s Party, right? Whether the host is a friend or foe, we’re here to tell you there’s a way to cash in on it. There will be several guests for the night, no doubt, so there’s bound to be people parked in front of your place, maybe even on your property. And if they’re going to park there anyway, why not charge them a small fee for the inconvenience caused to you, or your grass that they parked on? You could list any spare space you have on Kerb, be it a driveway, lawn space or a garage, and the guests could rent it from you. And parties happen all year round, so you can keep the system in place and make some extra pocket money every few weeks someone on the street hosts an event! 

Happy New Year!

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