Relieve the Stress of the Christmas Retail Rush

Relieve the Stress of the Christmas Retail Rush

Harriet Harvey27th November 2018

There’re two kinds of people... Those that love Christmas and those that hate it, and everything that comes with it.

Personally, we love Christmas spirit, but we also experience the woes that come along with the holiday season. Things like congested shopping centres, dwindling grocery supplies, and, as much as I love them at the start of the season, Christmas Carols. They just get annoying by the end of it, especially if you work in retail!

While Kerb may not be able to prevent your favourite mince pies from being out of stock or put a stop to the repetitive carols, we can at least reduce the stress of parking when it does come time to visit the shops.

You’re still likely to get the same amount of foot traffic within the shopping centre, but just imagine how much easier it would be to put up with the crowds if you’ve started your trip positively and made your way quickly to an open parking space, as if it were waiting just for you.

With Kerb, this dream can be a reality. With several parks listed across the globe, you can pre-book a parking space close to the stores you intend to visit and guarantee a quick break from the Christmas chaos that will ensue.

And here’s something for the real Grinch’s… if you live near a shopping strip or mall, you could list your park for Christmas lovers to park in and make some extra cash for yourself! Download the Kerb app or visit

Merry Christmas!

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