Road Rules You Should Know When Emergency Vehicles Pass!

Road Rules You Should Know When Emergency Vehicles Pass!

Taylor K.21st October 2019

You’re driving to your destination, waiting at a red light and then you can hear in the near distance those sirens that set everyone into panic mode. The blue and red flashing lights appear in your rear vision mirror, what do you do?!

We’ve all been in this position and we wanted to establish the facts on what actions are legal, and what ones are not, in these situations. 

In the UK, you can score yourself up to a £1,000 fine for not letting emergency vehicles pass you the “right way”. To avoid that hefty fine refrain from; ducking into a bus lane to clear the path, entering a yellow box junction, and even moving through a red light! That last one will even cost you 3 points on your driver’s license. 

Australian drivers listen up. We wouldn’t go as far to say that you should throw all the rules out the window when you see those flashing lights, but rather maneuver your way around to clear a path if it’s possible. If you’re stuck in gridlock traffic, don’t do anything drastic like running a red light to get out of the way. Emergency drivers are specifically trained in these situations to operate under these conditions safely for themselves and drivers around. 

Some countries, such as the Philippines, really emphasize the emergency when emergency vehicles approach. It is considered law for all motorists to immediately clear a path wherever they are and to remain in that position until it is safe to continue driving. So, unlike countries like Australian and the UK, Filipino drivers are allowed to maneuver wherever they deem safe to clear a path. This is because 20% of patients die in transit due to motorists not being cooperative with emergency services. 

The Germans, on the other hand, have turned this panic filled situation into a unified effort to save lives. German road rules state that motorists on the highway must comply to creating a rescue corridor when emergency services are amongst them. This works via drivers partitioning to the nearest side of the road and parking, therefore creating a corridor down the middle of the highway. This technique is especially useful in gridlock traffic situations. If drivers do not comply with this safety method, the German police can issue fines up too €230. 

Lastly, in America, motorists are required to abide by the road rules when an emergency service approaches. However, it’s important that motorists don’t merge to the left to allow an emergency vehicle to pass you. This is because they are trained to over take motorists via the left. 

We hope knowing the laws means your commute is a little less panic-filled when those flashing lights and triggering siren disrupts your drive! Another way to reduce stress during your commute is to book your parking in advance with KERB. Download the KERB app today and secure yourself a safe car spot near your next destination. 

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