Say Goodbye to Visitor Parking Nightmares!

Say Goodbye to Visitor Parking Nightmares!

Harriet Harvey3rd October 2018

It’s no secret that car parks can be a nightmare, especially those in residential apartment blocks.

Given that we are only just, as a society, beginning to wrap our heads around the idea of common property, it should come as no surprise that many such land grabs have been unchallenged for years.

So with management companies and buildings facing these parking struggles, what’s the solution? Kerb!

The world's first self-service car park management platform!

You might know Kerb as the ‘Airbnb of Parking’ but now Kerb has a new feature to offer. A platform which allows anyone with five or more bays to list and manage their car park in just a few quick minutes. The platform is unlike anything in the market and here's why!

  1. Kerb is FREE to use. We charge a 20% commission on every successful booking.
  2. Kerb allows you to customise each bay. You might have 20 car parks, 3 for motorbikes, 2 for large vehicles and 15 for regular cars. You might even have a storage cage to lease.
  3. You can set your own price and specify if you want long or short-term bookings.
  4. Kerb collects registration details and insurance if you require it.
  5. Kerb even allows you to integrate your own terms and conditions into our app.

As part of this new platform, Kerb is launching specific features targeted at managing residential building car parks to help alleviate some of these parking nightmares.

“We have had many property managers come to us, asking if Kerb could provide a solution to residential bay allocation and visitor parking infringements.” Kerb Co-founder, Rob Brown.

A solution to your Visitor Parking nightmares!

One of the greatest problems faced by property managers across the world is the classic boyfriend/girlfriend staying over all the time and hogging the visitor car parks, annoying other residents and their guests!

Kerb allows property managers to list their visitor parking bays for free. This bay is locked to the public and is only able to be booked by a registered code, stopping those annoying unwanted visitors from hogging all your car spaces. This is an easy solution for property managers and gives them full control of their parking bays.

Kerb even allows you to go one further and limit the number of booking that single code can make, making the system fair for all.

Create a closed network sharing economy in your building.

Kerb's technology also allows property managers to lock specific addresses so that residents can lease their allocated unused bay to another resident. Often in residential buildings, a car park comes with the apartment, but many people will have two cars, or in some cases no cars. This is a great way to maximise the use of your asset without paperwork and excel spread sheet headaches. The best thing is, none of this is breaching your body corporate laws.


So if you need a solution to your residential car park nightmares, Kerb has found the solution! Just download the app or jump onto the website to check it out! Alternatively, you can request a demo by calling Harriet on 1300 086 673.

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