The 5 Most Annoying Car Parking Habits

The 5 Most Annoying Car Parking Habits

Taylor K.21st January 2019

Everyone has their own pet peeves when it comes to parking. But there are some pretty common parking habits that just boil your blood. Here are some amusing annotations for our top 5 Most Annoying Car Parking Habits a.k.a. crimes against humanity.

1.  Using More Than One Parking Space

Imagine approaching what appears to be the last free parking space in the area only to see a car selfishly spread across two parks. 

This is parking with a cushion of protection. Whether it’s intentional, or just a lack of skill, it’s so frustrating. 

2.  Parking too Close to Another Vehicle

We call them the space invaders. They’re the most infuriating people on the planet. Despite learning to colour within the lines as a child they refuse to keep their cars in their own parking space, forcing you to get into your car via the passenger side or the sun roof. It also makes it super difficult to reverse out of your space without scratching or denting their car even though you’d really like to leave them a special gift. 

3.  Parking in a Disabled/Parents/Loading Space when you aren’t Disabled/a Parent/Loading

We all know you aren’t disabled, we can see that you have no car seats and that clearly is not a car loading or delivering goods. 

Those spots are designated to cater to people with specific needs and provide them with a safe space to get in and out of their cars. So don’t be lazy. If the shoe was on the other foot, how would you feel?

I imagine, just like this poor guy.

4.  Parking on or Across a Footpath or Driveway

How inconsiderate. It’s Saturday morning and you’re in a hurry to drop the kids of at their sports games and you find that someone has parked their shiny Prius across your driveway. There isn’t enough room to drive around and so you’re forced to knock on about six doors until you find that someone’s great aunt is visiting and ask them to move their car. By now, you’re running late and it no longer seems worth it. 

5.  Boxing You In

This is simply the worst.

Imagine coming back to your car after a long hard day at work to find two cars have parked in you in, less than 5cm from both the front and back of your car. Yes, you can get into your car this time, but you cannot go anywhere. So, what is a gal to do? Buckle up and use her bumper bars?

There you have it, Kerb’s top 5 Most Annoying Parking Habits. 

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