The Five Most Creative Parking Spaces in the World!

The Five Most Creative Parking Spaces in the World!

Taylor K.11th September 2019

When you think of aesthetics, you typically don’t think of parking spaces. Well, think again! We have curated a list of some of the most eccentric car spaces - you won’t want to leave your car. 

Garagenatelier Car Park – Herden, Switzerland

How cute are these little nesting spots for your car! Built into the mountain these cark parks are changing the game from underground parking to in-ground parking. 

Ballet Valet Parking Garage – Miami, USA

Oversized hedge or really well hidden garage? What a smart and eco friendly way to cover up a few slabs of concrete and brighten up the street!

Lincoln Road – Miami, USA

What a vibe! The open spaces and bright lights really make this building inviting. Parking lot party anyone?!

Detroit Michigan Theatre – Michigan, USA

It wasn’t built for parking, however when the theatre was shut down, instead of being demolished, it was put to better use – as a car park! That’s 160 extra car spaces worth of good acoustics.

Parc Des Celestins – Lyons, France

Talk about optical illusions! A mirror sits at the bottom of the car park which rotates to reflect natural lighting all through this multi-story car park. 

Have you seen any really cool car parking spots in your city? Let us know or check out the cool car parking spots available on Kerb! Download the app today to find your next low cost, convenient parking space. 

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