This Minor Parking Error Could Cost You Hundreds!

This Minor Parking Error Could Cost You Hundreds!

Taylor K.13th May 2019

Too close, too far away - it seems you can get charged for anything to do with parking nowadays. Any excuse to slap a ticket on your windshield asking for money and the Council will do just that. 

In the past, we’ve written about being fined for parking over the kerb, and on the sidewalk. A little-known rule that if disobeyed would cost a whopping £70. It turns out there’s a matching charge that you’ll receive for doing the exact opposite - parking too far from the kerb! It seems drivers just can’t win.

The rule states that you must not park further than 50cm from the Kerb. A standard wheelie bin is hardly bigger than that! No wonder it’s easy it’s such an easy mistake to make. The offence is considered to cause double parking and will leave you with a nasty £70 fine, whether you were aware of the law or not. The maximum fine for obstructing traffic is £1000!

And it’s not just the British that face this problem. Both Australia and the U.S. also have rules in place about the distance you should park from the kerb. While we don’t know the exact fine you would receive for the offence, we do know that In order to pass a driver’s test in Australia, you must not be more than 50cm from the kerb when you perform a reverse-parallel park. In America, the distance must be even smaller, being no more than 12 inches (roughly 30cm). 

It seems many rules like this are only learned from trial and error, which isn't very fair. One way to ensure you don’t park too far from, or too close to the kerb, is to park withKerb, instead! Kerb is a parking app which allows you to rent a private off-street parking space for an affordable price or rent your own space to someone else to make extra money! Download the Kerb app or visit to find a parking space, today.

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