Which Generation are the Most Distracted Drivers?

Which Generation are the Most Distracted Drivers?

Harriet Harvey9th December 2018

Most people would be quick to stay that young drivers are the ones that are most distracted on the roads. But a recent report points the finger at the older generations, Baby Boomers in particular.

The report, Distraction and Older Drivers, outlines that while fatalities and injuries amongst other age groups has flatlined or decreased, they have increased for Baby Boomers in recent years.

The report speculates that as future generations of older drivers will continue to drive more, for longer, and embrace technology, the chances of distraction are increased. It also stated that those born between 1946 and 1964 were more likely to be distracted talking to a passenger or adjusting controls. Furthermore, in terms of frequency of performing secondary tasks while driving, the older generation (1 task every 84 seconds) was second only to middle-aged drivers (1 task every 75 seconds). With the youngest generation of drivers lingering at the back (1 task every 106 seconds).

There is a number of reasons this reports states older drivers are most likely to be distracted. Besides the increasing use of technology amongst the aging population, vision, physical ability and cognition are said to be the main causes for distraction. So, it comes down to a matter of impaired eyesight, reduced flexibility and coordination, and diminished ability to divide and switch attention.

This is not to say they are the only ones that get distracted while driving, only that they are most at risk of injury because of it.

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