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Kerb ist eine globale Parkplatz-App, mit der Sie Ihren privaten Parkplatz an jeden vermieten können, der sein Auto, Motorrad, Boot, Wohnwagen oder Hubschrauber parken möchte.

Want to know how much extra income Kerb is generating each month for your car park, marina or yacht club? Kerb's dashboards and reporting give you everything you need to know.

Kerb provides parking space owners around the world with an easy-to-use car park management platform. Why invest $/€/£000s on car park systems, when you can set up Kerb for free?

Make your boat mooring or boat spaces generate income all year round! Kerb allows you to sight a person's boat licence and insurance, before they rent a mooring or berth. You can even have them agree to your own Terms and Conditions.

List between 1-to-1000+ parking spaces in under 5 minutes! You set the price and availability of your spaces, and Kerb automatically manages space allocation, bookings and payment - saving you time and money.

Finden Sie günstige Parkplätze in Ihrer Stadt. Verdienen Sie Geld mit Ihrem zusätzlichen Abstellplatz. Beginnen Sie noch heute mit Kerb.

Zu viel Verkehr. Nicht genug Zeit. So viele Autofahrer sind in Ihrer Stadt auf der Suche nach einem günstigen Parkplatz. Wenn Sie einen privaten Platz haben, auf dem jemand anderes sein Fahrzeug parken könnte, können Sie diesen Platz heute über Kerb vermieten.

Your private parking space

Das wichtigste, was ein Vater für seine Kinder tun kann, ist, ihre Mutter zu lieben.


Kerb ist eine globale Parkplatz-App, mit der Sie Ihren privaten Parkplatz an jeden vermieten können, der sein Auto, Motorrad, Boot, Wohnwagen oder Hubschrauber parken möchte.

Cars, Bikes, Boats, Helicopters, Buses, Storage, Caravans, Trucks

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Kerb offers parking for cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats, shipping containers, trucks and even helicopters. It has customised its platform for the parking requirements of different vehicle-types. For example, Kerb collects vehicle registration and insurance documentation, if required upon booking.

There are no setup fees to use Kerb, and many organisations around the world use it as a free car park management tool (e.g., allocating staff, visitor or residential parking). If you are using Kerb to collect fees for parking, Kerb simply takes a small commission on transactions to cover its costs.

The Kerb team is passionate in its belief that is a better way to do parking. The parking experience for customers can be a far more personalised, friction-free experience.

Kerb is already in 25 countries, and is rolling out quickly across the world. Parking is a global problem in cities right across the world. Kerb solves that problem for citizens and cities everywhere.

Hallo Munich!

Kerb has cheap and secure spaces available in Munich. Rent undercover parking, outdoor parking, garages, driveways, overnight and secure parking spaces in just two clicks. Kerb lets you reduce your parking costs - and the time you spend looking for parking!

All around Munich, there is parking space that is not being used 24/7. Residential parking spaces sit empty during the day. Car parks often have empty spaces at night, or at weekends. Jetties and boat moorings are not always occupied. And outside of the cities, empty land could be generating income from parking for trucks, buses, shipping containers and even helicopters. Kerb lets you list your parking spaces for FREE. It will manage bookings, availability and even payments. And you'll get paid 2 days after every booking. Tell your friends and family about Kerb… It's a brilliant way to park in your city.

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