How Kerb works

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Parking your vehicle just got easier

Locate An Affordable Parking Space Near You

Locate An Affordable Parking Space Near You

Find someone who has an empty space where you can park your car, motorbike, boat  or helicopter. This might be an empty driveway, a garage, a boat mooring or even  a building rooftop.

Select Your Booking Time And Dates

Select Your Booking Time And Dates

Check availability, confirm the cost, then pay through Kerb.

Park Your Vehicle

Park Your Vehicle

Save time. Spend less. Sleep easy. Your vehicle now has its own private parking space.

Our Community of Parking Owners & Renters



Maya travels into Geneva for work Monday-to-Friday. She rents an affordable garage through Kerb, right next to Geneva train station.



Simon leases his vacant driveway in Wimbledon, London, for £ 190/month. "Kerb allows me to make some extra money each month, for a space which would otherwise be sitting empty."



Barbara commutes from Campinas to Sao Paulo every day. Through Kerb, she has found a private spot to park her car, right behind her office building.



Hasif leases his garage in Istanbul to two motorbike owners who work nearby. "The extra money I make from leasing my garage helps me pay the bills."

Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive quicker? So why do you do it?

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