We believe that parking across the world has reached a crunch point. Commuters are spending too much time and money on suitable parking (and parking fines). Every day, a huge number of parking spaces sit empty (in driveways, apartment blocks, churches, universities and commercial parking lots, etc) that technology can unlock.

Our mission is to make these parking spaces readily available, thereby resulting in:

  • Cheaper and easier parking for drivers across the world
  • Additional income for individual leasers and carpark owners
  • More efficient use of space for local governments
  • Increased productivity (less time parking + less frustration) for commuters

If you believe in the global opportunity that Kerb represents, and are someone who understands the value proposition and economics of a 'platform-play' like Kerb, we want to hear from you.

Please fill out this form and let us know about your potential investment in Kerb. We will get back to you same day.