KERB for Business

A smart city solution for parking anything, anywhere.​

KERB is a mobile-first, global kerbside ecosystem, focused on re-imagining urban mobility in the smart cities of tomorrow.

Cities have thousands of under-utilized spaces that could be used for parking cars, motorcycles, caravans, trucks, boats and even helicopters or planes. KERB thinks beyond just traditional ways of parking, activating the kerbside for more sustainable kerbside services.

Tailored solutions for all businesses

KERB is creating solutions for businesses that improve the parking experience, increase ROI and unlock data opportunities for owners and operators. KERB has already partnered with businesses and technologies in key verticals such as airports, corporate real estate, retail and commercial car parks. We not only see partnerships like these driving a better parking experience, but we also see these partnerships reducing pollution, traffic congestion and driving more sustainable kerbside initiatives. Learn more about how KERB can help you by clicking on the icons below.

Technology solutions that improve user experience & increase ROI.

Today the parking market remains fragmented, resulting in a negative customer experience. This US$1 trillion industry, like many others before it, has been relatively slow to embrace technology and has no clear leader.

KERB enables you to increase the profitability of your property by automating your car park booking, payment and access process. With KERB, your customers can enter your car park and pay using their phones. It is completely cashless and contactless.

A drawing of a car at a boom gate

Contactless access with the KERB Box​™

The KERB Box™ is proprietary gate-opening hardware that works inside any existing car park gate. The KERB Box™ takes only minutes to install and requires zero CAPEX outlays for car parks and low OPEX. With the KERB Box™, your customers will have hands-free, secure car park access and payment, via their phone. This is the only system in the world that gives owners and operators data on who is in their car park and when.

A drawing of a KERB attendant helping with parking

Optimize your car park in real-time with KERB Bays​™

KERB is a car park enablement software that gives you a suite of powerful tools to increase the profitability of your car parks while improving the customer experience for drivers.
A drawing of a KERB Zone

Provide a premium parking experience with KERB Zones​™

A KERB Zone™ is a branded, well-located area of your car park where drivers and their vehicles receive a premium parking experience. It feels like valet parking, but without the high price. Parking in a KERB Zone™ makes drivers feel safer and enhances the customer experience in a car park.

Join a global movement

Parking is a global problem faced by commuters in every city. Not only is parking a grudge purchase for citizens, but it is also causing congestion which increases emissions in cities. Smart cities are working with multinational companies to find smart technology and IoT solutions to improve urban mobility. KERB is already doing this in 130 countries, 600 cities, 20 languages.

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