KERB for Residential Buildings

KERB enables residential building committees to allocate individual parking spaces to residents, and control visitor parking spaces with ease. The KERB platform can be set up as a ‘private’ car park management platform that can only be used by residents in your building. Provided your building’s regulations do not specifically prohibit the leasing of parking spaces, you can even allow residents to lease their empty parking spaces to commuters.


By investing in KERB’s innovative parking platform, building owners can reduce their CAPEX and OPEX costs while improving resident experience.  

Swipe cards are costly, often lost or shared by users and increase security risks in your building. With KERB, your tenants will have frictionless, secure car park access and payment, via their phone. With KERB, you will know who is in your car park at any given time and be able to message those parkers directly, increasing transparency and improving building security.

Give your residents the ability to manage their parking bays, while still having oversight and control. 

With KERB, you can reduce admin by 70-90%. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual car park checks.

Knowing your car park utilization enables you to monetize excess bays by making them available for public parking. Every day commuters, office workers, students, parents and tradesmen are looking for convenient parking. With KERB, you control pricing, availability, number of bays available and can see who is in your car park in real-time. There has never been a more secure or efficient way to open your space to the public.


With KERB, residents can easily access their parking space and enter/exit secure parking through the app. Residents are able to rent their space within the building to other residents within the app.  

By booking a parking space, residents can use their parking spaces efficiently and choose to share their park when they’re away or have no car to fill the space.

If you charge for parking, residents simply add their credit card details to pay via the app. Automated payments are sent to your company. 

KERB provides guests and visitors with visibility on available parking in the residence, allowing them to book available spaces on the app.

Employees simply download the KERB app and they can find, book, pay and access parking with KERB at work or in their free time.

Meet some KERB customers

Atira Student Living, Australia
Atira Student Living is Australia's leading student accommodation provider. Because Atira Student Livings residents are mainly international students, their car park sits empty most of the time. KERB has enabled Atira Student Living to sell empty car spots creating an extra source of revenue.
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Sunway Group, Kuala Lumpur
KERB provides Sunway with a lower-cost, cashless and customer-friendly car park automation solution to drive efficiency in Sunway car parks. Through KERB's platform, Sunway is able to migrate all of their existing parking arrangements with tenants, manage visitor parking and sell new book-in-advance daily parking and drive up hourly parking products to the public.
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Get Parked, Brisbane
Get Parked is a Brisbane car park operator with locations in all over the Brisbane CBD and next to hospitals. The Get Parked Team use KERB to top up the occupancy in their car parks. With KERB, Get Parked can add bays in real-time for an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate.
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Novotel Darling Harbour, Sydney
Novotel is part of the Accor Group with 541 hotels across 62 countries. Novotel Darling Harbour is conveniently located at 100 Murray Street, just behind the Darling Harbour complex. Novotel Darling Harbour, uses KERB to open its parking bays to the public on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. With the KERB Box™, customers drive in and use their phones to open the gate.
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Q-Park, UK & Ireland
Q-Park is one of Europe’s leading parking operators with over 547,000 bays located in 2,500 secure parking locations. KERB is an alternative booking engine for all of Q-Park’s locations in the UK and Ireland.
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First Parking, Australia
First Parking is changing parking in cities by offering an affordable flat rate for daily parking with no catches. First Parking uses KERB to top up the occupancy in their car park through KERB's monthly parking product. 
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JPark Parking Management, Bangkok
JPark is one of Thailand's biggest parking operators with 60+ locations and over 20 years experience. With KERB JPark is bringing app-based parking to the Thai parking industry.
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Cornerstone Parking, Brisbane
KERB provides Cornerstone Parking with a book-in-advance daily parking product that works in conjunction with the existing monthly parking products. Using the KERB Box™ on existing gates, Cornerstone Parking has been able to utilize short-term parking products, previously unavailable, to great effect without expensive infrastructure.
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Scentre Group, Westfield Belconnen
Westfield Belconnen is conveniently located near a number of large government offices where parking is hard to find. With KERB, Westfield Belconnen is able to promote an affordable monthly parking product which earns them revenue from bays that would normally sit empty Monday to Friday.
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