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Retail lease income is fundamental to any retail mall, but your car park could be your largest source of revenue. Regardless of revenue, your car park is the beginning and end of a customer’s experience at your retail mall. Get to know your customer, improve customer experience & drive revenue at your retail mall with KERB! KERB is designed to automate and bring digital functionality to your existing car park infrastructure, increasing your ROI. It works with your existing parking hardware, reducing CAPEX costs and significantly reducing your OPEX costs through automation. The KERB platform handles the entire booking, access, payment and invoicing process for all customers and even provides opportunities for further monetization.


Investing in KERB’s innovative parking platform helps retail malls reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs while improving the customer experience through data.  

KERB’s software and gate-opening device work with your existing car park gates and access systems. It takes only minutes to install and requires zero CAPEX outlays for retail malls and low OPEX. Once installed, your customers will have hands-free, secure car park access and payment via their phone. 

With KERB, all customers have a payment kiosk on their phones. Parking can be booked in advance or paid for upon exit. 

KERB’s enforcement features support enforcement attendants in their daily reporting activities. With KERB, retail malls can:

  1. See who is in the car park in real-time.
  2. See which vehicles are supposed to be parked in a bay, and which are not.
  3. Record enforcement actions and view a vehicle’s enforcement history.
  4. Contact users directly via KERB’s messaging tool.

Monitor revenue, occupancy, behaviour and security, knowing exactly who is parking and when and even be able to message them.

Give your tenants the ability to manage bays for their staff, while still having oversight and control. 

Knowing your car park utilization enables you to monetize excess bays by making them available for public parking. Every day commuters, office workers, students, parents and tradesmen are looking for convenient parking. With KERB, you control pricing, availability, number of bays available and can see who is in your car park in real-time. There has never been a more secure or efficient way to open your space to the public.

A KERB Zone™ is a branded, well-located area of your car park where drivers and their vehicles receive a premium parking experience. It feels like valet parking, but without the high price. Parking in a KERB Zone™ makes drivers feel safer and enhances the customer experience in a car park. KERB can even provide additional services available to customers parking in a premium zone. These services could be EV charging, car wash or vehicle inspections.


With the KERB app and platform, customers can find, book, pay for and access parking at the retail mall from their mobile phone.  

Customers can access your car park without having downloaded the KERB app or registered an account. All they need is a mobile phone with access to the internet. 

To pay for parking with KERB, customers simply add their credit card details or connect their compatible payment wallet to the platform. Automated payments are sent to your company.

KERB provides customers with visibility on available parking and pricing at the retail mall, allowing them to plan their journey in advance.

Meet some KERB customers

Scentre Group, Westfield Belconnen
Westfield Belconnen is conveniently located near a number of large government offices where parking is hard to find. With KERB, Westfield Belconnen is able to promote an affordable monthly parking product which earns them revenue from bays that would normally sit empty Monday to Friday.
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Trent, Canberra
My wife also works in Belconnen and I've been very happy with the service so far, so I have purchased her a subscription too. Now that I have my parking sorted and don't have to worry about running out of spaces, I'll promote your service to others (I actually already have been).
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Q-Park, UK & Ireland
Q-Park is one of Europe’s leading parking operators with over 547,000 bays located in 2,500 secure parking locations. KERB is an alternative booking engine for all of Q-Park’s locations in the UK and Ireland.
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First Parking, Australia
First Parking is changing parking in cities by offering an affordable flat rate for daily parking with no catches. First Parking uses KERB to top up the occupancy in their car park through KERB's monthly parking product. 
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JPark Parking Management, Bangkok
JPark is one of Thailand's biggest parking operators with 60+ locations and over 20 years experience. With KERB JPark is bringing app-based parking to the Thai parking industry.
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Cornerstone Parking, Brisbane
KERB provides Cornerstone Parking with a book-in-advance daily parking product that works in conjunction with the existing monthly parking products. Using the KERB Box™ on existing gates, Cornerstone Parking has been able to utilize short-term parking products, previously unavailable, to great effect without expensive infrastructure.
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