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List your empty parking space or boat mooring on Kerb to make income every month

List your empty parking space or boat mooring on Kerb to make income every month

Do you have parking spaces or boat moorings which could be making you money? Kerb can manage them for you!

I have a parking space or car park which is not used 24/7.

List between 1-to-1000+ parking spaces in under 5 minutes! You set the price and availability of your spaces, and Kerb automatically manages space allocation, bookings and payment - saving you time and money.

I have a boat mooring, pier, jetty or marina that I could be making money from.

Make your boat mooring or boat spaces generate income all year round! Kerb allows you to sight a person's boat licence and insurance, before they rent a mooring or berth. You can even have them agree to your own Terms and Conditions.

How it works


Listing is FREE

Whether you are a homeowner, a car park manager or a marina/yacht club manager, you can list your space(s) for free.


Set availability on each space

Lease your space when it suits you - 24/7, while you're at work, or on weekends only. On Kerb, each space can have its own availability.

get paid

Get paid automatically

Kerb collects all payments and transfers them to your bank account within 2 business days. Safe. Secure. Easy.

Why is Kerb unique?

Listing your space is FREE

Kerb is free to use. We charge a small commission on each booking to cover our costs.

You control availability

You choose when people can book your space. Your space might not be available on Tuesday, at weekends, or before 8am. Kerb handles the availability for you.

Get paid quickly

Kerb handles all payments for you, and automatically transfers fees owing to you within a couple of business days.

Choose how you lease

Kerb lets you view-then-approve booking requests, accept 'instant' bookings, or let parkers pay weekly or monthly – through 'subscriptions'.

Know who's renting

Kerb allows you to request vehicle license plate numbers, and licence and insurance documentation, giving you visibility into who is booking your space.

Set your own Terms & Conditions

If you have a car park or a marina/yacht club with its own Terms and Conditions, you can upload them to Kerb and have people agree to them before they book your space

Keep your space private

Is your car park or marina closed to the general public? Easy! Kerb gives you the option to set a password lock, only accessible to residents or members.

Dashboards & Reporting

Want to know how much extra income Kerb is generating each month for your car park, marina or yacht club? Kerb's dashboards and reporting give you everything you need to know.

Integrate with security gates

Kerb can integrate with LPR/ANPR cameras, and other gate technology and car park management systems. Or have your car park integrate with Kerb to boost your profit margins… Simply request Kerb's API documentation to see the data points we expose.

As a leaser, I have found KERB to be an awesome way to make use of my car space when I’m not parking my car there! The app is user-friendly and makes the whole process super easy. The staff at KERB have great communication too! There’s no downside to using KERB and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Kerb works with all kinds of car parks

Kerb provides parking space owners around the world with an easy-to-use car park management platform. Why invest $/€/£000s on car park systems, when you can set up Kerb for free?


Commercial car park


Residential car space


Hotel car park


Marina or Yacht Club berths


Church car park


School car park


University car park

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation car park


Hospital car park


Airport car park


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