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Could your hotel car park be earning you more income, Mon-Fri?

Your hotel’s car park is a valuable asset, and is costing you money 24/7/365. But it sits empty for many hours each week. You could be making extra income each month, by listing a few parking bays on the Kerb app/website. Prove your worth to your Management Team, by optimizing car park revenue at your hotel – through Kerb.


8 reasons why Kerb is the right solution for parking at your hotel…

If you are a hotel manager, operator or owner, Kerb is an excellent way to ensure that parking spaces at your hotel(s) are working for you every day of the week. The Kerb app and website connects people looking for convenient and affordable parking with parking space owners in cities right across the world. Your hotel has empty spaces on certain days/times of the week. Kerb can monetize them for you.

  1. Quickly set up your car park(s) on Kerb’s Space Creator
  2. Customise parking bay labels on Kerb, based on your hotel’s specific needs (‘VIP’, ‘Club Floor Guests’, ‘Deliveries’, ‘$10’, ‘Disabled’, ‘Kerb Zone™’, etc)
  3. One-click parking bay reservation via the Kerb iOS and Android app and website
  4. Allow guests to pre-book and pay for parking before they arrive at your hotel(s)
  5. Capture vehicle registration – and even photo ID - to provide a personalized customer experience for all visitors
  6. Allow parking attendants to quickly identify which vehicles belong to which guests, via Kerb’s Enforcement features
  7. Set up Kerb Zone™ premium parking areas for Club-Floor guests, or as part of your Loyalty Progam
  8. Easily allocate parking spaces to guests on check-in, via Kerb’s desktop and iPad app

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Find cheap parking in your city. Make money from your parking space. Get started on Kerb today.

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