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Need an easier way to manage parking at your racecourse?

Take the stress out of managing parking on race days, by using Kerb’s parking technology, and its experienced team of parking event managers.


10 reasons why Kerb is the right solution for parking at your next race day…

If parking at your racecourse could be managed more efficiently, Kerb’s easy-to-use car park management platform, and its experienced team of parking event managers is the perfect solution for your next racecourse event:

  1. Quickly set up your car park(s) on Kerb’s Space Manager
  2. Customise parking bay labels on Kerb based on your racecourse’s specific needs (‘VIP’, ‘Trainer parking’, ‘Visitor Bays’, ‘€10’, ‘Disabled’, ‘FREE’, etc)
  3. One-click parking bay reservation via the Kerb iOS and Android app and website
  4. Allow guests to pre-book and pay for parking before events
  5. Capture vehicle registration and other details to provide a personalised customer experience for cars, coaches, motorbikes and helicopters
  6. Allow parking attendants to quickly identify which vehicles belong to which customers, via Kerb’s Enforcement features
  7. Set up Kerb Zone™ premium parking areas for VIP visitors and management
  8. Clear way-finding and safety signage tailored to your events
  9. Experienced Kerb traffic managers and attendants provided on race days
  10. Car park layout and clean up (as required)

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