Responsible leasing

Responsible leasing

Kerb allows you to lease your private parking space(s) to people you have not met before.

At Kerb, we believe that most people are good and that, in general, Kerb’s community of Users and Leasers will monitor what other Users and Leasers are doing. The Kerb team has created a rating system specifically to allow the Kerb community to feedback on their experiences renting and leasing with the many different people who use Kerb for parking. The Kerb team has put together the following seven guidelines to ensure that you lease responsibly with Kerb…


Please ensure that you view the profile of the person who is requesting to book your parking space before you accept the booking request. Look at their booking history with Kerb, and pay attention to any negative feedback they have received from other Leasers.


Please ensure that your parking space is available at the confirmed booking time. Kerb will send you a reminder six hours before a booking for your parking space starts. However, Kerb takes no responsibility for you receiving or reading the reminder notifications. Once you have confirmed a booking through the Kerb app or website, it is your responsibility to ensure that the parking space you have leased is available at the designated time.


Please ensure that there is nothing obstructing access to your parking space (garbage bins, security gates, etc).

Other Vehicles

Please ensure that there are no other vehicles or objects blocking access to the parking space you have leased through Kerb.


If your parking space requires access through a security guard, a secret code, a key or security card, or via any other security measure, please ensure that you communicate details to the User who has booked the parking space. Kerb takes no responsibility for your failure to provide access details to the User. Kerb strongly suggests that you provide specific access instructions in the ‘Special Instructions’ section of the listing form. (Note that this information is only viewable by the User, once you have accepted a booking request.) You can also message the User who has booked your space, in order to communicate any instructions for accessing your parking space.


Please be courteous to Kerb Users at all times. Please also understand that a Kerb User may be late arriving at your parking space, due to factors – specifically traffic - which are out of his/her control. If you are unable to wait for a User to arrive, and need to physically present in order to provide access to your parking space, please message the User directly via the Kerb app or website.


In the unlikely event that you have a dispute with a Kerb User, and are unable resolve it yourself, please contact Kerb’s Customer Success team at Where appropriate, Kerb will assist with dispute resolution but, as per its Terms of Service, cannot be held liable in any way in the event that there is a dispute between a Kerb User and Leaser.

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