Park Safely with Kerb

Kerb requires you to leave your vehicle in someone else’s parking space.

At Kerb, we believe that most people are good and that, in general, Kerb’s community of Users and Leasers will monitor what other Users and Leasers are doing. The Kerb team has created a rating system specifically to allow the Kerb community to feedback on their experiences renting and leasing with the many different people who use Kerb for parking. The Kerb team has put together the following seven guidelines to ensure that you park safely with Kerb.


Ensure that your vehicle fits in the parking space, when you arrive. If you are concerned that your vehicle might not fit in the parking space you have booked, Kerb strongly advises that you do not take the risk. Find another parking space – on Kerb or elsewhere – rather than risk squeezing your vehicle into a space that might be too small.


Ensure that you collect your vehicle at the agreed time, and please be mindful that someone else might have booked the same parking space straight after your booking. Kerb cannot be held responsible for no-shows or over-stays.


Ensure that you lock your vehicle when you park it in a space booked through Kerb.


Ensure that all of your vehicle’s windows are properly closed, before you leave your vehicle.


Ensure that you do not leave valuables in your vehicle, once you have parked.


Ensure that your lights are off, before you leave your vehicle.


Ensure that you have made a note of the address where you have parked your vehicle.

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