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Could your church car park be working more efficiently?

Your church’s car park is a valuable asset. But it probably sits empty for many hours each week. You could be making extra income for your church, by listing a few parking bays on the KERB app/website


8 reasons why KERB is the right solution for parking at your church…

If you are a priest, pastor or church warden, KERB gives you an excellent way to ensure that parking spaces at your church are working for you every day of the week. The KERB app and website connects people looking for convenient and affordable parking with parking space owners in cities right across the world. If you are tired of constantly having to ask the general public not to use your church’s car park, or if you are looking for new ways to fundraise or to reward the most loyal members of your congregation, Kerb is the answer

  1. Quickly set up your car park(s) on KERB’s Space Creator – at zero cost. (KERB takes a small commission on each booking.)
  2. Customise parking bay labels on KERB, based on your church’s specific needs (‘VIP’, ‘Congregation’, ‘$10’, ‘Disabled’, ‘KERB Zone™’, etc)
  3. One-click parking bay reservation via the KERB iOS and Android app and website
  4. Allow church-goers to pre-book parking before they arrive at church
  5. Easily add, remove or modify parking bay availability and prices, to give you flexibility during busy times such as weddings and funerals
  6. Allow your church manager or warden to quickly identify which vehicles should – and shouldn’t – be parked in your car park, via KERB’s Enforcement features
  7. Set up painted KERB Zone™ premium parking areas for elderly or VIP guests
  8. No expensive car park equipment needed. KERB works with existing gates, or with no gates at all

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Find cheap parking in your city. Make money from your parking space. Get started on KERB today.

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