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Need an easier way to manage marina availability and bookings?

Boost revenue at your marina or yacht club, while reducing booking administration, and increasing publicity for your club among boat owners worldwide


8 reasons why KERB is the right solution your marina or yacht club…

If you are the operator of a yacht club or marina, KERB is an excellent way to get increased marketing exposure for your site(s). The KERB app and website connects boat owners with boat spaces in all of the world’s main sailing destinations. KERB is available in 20 languages

  1. Quickly list your moorings and berths on KERB Space Creator, while choosing the specific boating features which best describe your space(s)
  2. Allow visiting boats to easily pre-book and pay for their mooring before they arrive, via the KERB iOS and Android apps, or via the KERB website
  3. Use KERB’s real-time booking engine to show up-to-the-minute availability, and to automatically collect daily, weekly or monthly mooring fees
  4. Require visiting boat owners to upload copies of boat insurance and a boat licence as part of the booking proces
  5. Customise mooring labels in the KERB app, based on your marina/yacht club’s specific needs (‘$100’, ‘Private’, ‘Berth 54’, ‘Swing mooring 2’, ‘Catamaran’, ‘Charter boats’, etc)
  6. Give security guards and site managers immediate visibility into which boats belong to which owners, via KERB’s Enforcement features
  7. Allow the members of your club or marina to lease their own private moorings on KERB, when they are not using them
  8. Use KERB to unlock private residential parking spaces to ease car parking congestion around your marina or yacht club

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