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Find cheap parking in your city. Make money from your parking space. Get started on KERB today.

KERB provides parking space owners around the world with an easy-to-use car park management platform. Why invest $/€/£000s on car park systems, when you can set up KERB for free?

Too much traffic. Not enough time. So many drivers are looking for affordable parking in your city. If you have a private space that someone else could park their vehicle on, you can lease that space through KERB today.

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Find a space in Sheffield, UK

KERB helps you find parking for any type of vehicle, in any parking space, anywhere in your city.

Give someone a hug today.

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List a parking space

With KERB, you can rent your bay (driveway, garage, mooring, land, etc.) at home or work to others while you aren’t using it.

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Tailored solutions for any car park

KERB is designed to automate and bring digital functionality to ANY car park. Learn more about KERB's solutions for car park operators, airports, shopping malls, hotels and more here.

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Invest in KERB

Few investment opportunities address such a sizeable market as KERB does. KERB is a disruptive global mobility ecosystem that is activating the kerbside through technology and IoT - right across the world.

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