A Small Ship Sailing Guide

A Small Ship Sailing Guide

Taylor K.17th June 2019

The definition of a small ship varies dramatically. Some luxury cruise lines style themselves as small with 120-550 guests. Expedition cruise ships typically have smaller numbers, while river cruises cater to under 200 people and some canal ships have no more than 10 guests. Point being, a small ship can be many different things. 

Now let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages. Small ships mean less people, which means less-to-no queues and you can also visit places with ports that cannot cater to larger ships. However, while there’s potentially more you can explore on shore, there’s typically less activities to do on board as small ships usually don’t boast swimming pools or casinos. 

Another plus of the small ships is that everyone can get to know each other and build a sense of comradery. That said, it’s also difficult to escape from those you may not like!

Small ships also have varying amounts of medical care and facilities available, so it is wise to check with the ship lines. However, sea sickness should not be something you’ll need to seek care for. Smaller ships do get more movement than the larger ones, but typically stay in sheltered waters to avoid upsetting the stomachs of their guests – believe it or not, they don’t want to be cleaning up your breakfast twice in one day!

Small ships sail in many places. When you picture someone setting sail somewhere tropical, you probably think of Greece, Croatia, Fiji, Australia, Thailand and more. Well, those are exactly the kind of places small ships frequent. Small ships also visit places like Norway and Alaska for cold water trips, and even venture to the Artic and Antarctica on expedition trips.  

Obviously small ship sailing isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer bigger ships, and some people prefer more intimate sailing on their own private boat. If it’s the latter you’re after, then you’ll probably be in need of some places to moor on your trip. Kerb is an app that allows you to find moorings in your area or list your own for rent to earn extra income. Kerb can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for FREE, or alternatively, you can visit the website www.kerb.works. 

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